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Inginious Gin

Big taste in small measures.Buy Now

What makes Inginious Gin so special?

In short, if you’re looking for a sophisticated alternative to full-strength drinks, you’ve found it. Our gin is made with responsibly sourced botanicals and it’s a healthier choice for those looking to reduce their alcohol intake and keep their head clearer.

A unique combination of ingredients...






Cassica Bark



Orris Root


Lemon Verbena

Lime Peel Cut

So, you want the facts...

Now more than ever we’re looking for drinks that are lower in alcohol and calories. When served correctly, Inginious Gin makes a G&T with only a tenth of the alcohol and far fewer calories, but it doesn't stray from that classic gin taste. 

Combining botanical flavours with a concentrated gin spirit, it brings an aromatic taste sensation to any occasion, offering all of the flavour, without the fuzzy head.

Ready to give Inginious Gin that all-important taste test? Of course you are.

If you’re over 18, shop to your heart’s content here on our site – but always remember to drink responsibly.