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About us

So, how did we come to be?

Following a successful career in advertising, Inginious Gin founder Simon Liddle – who was looking to cut down on alcohol for health reasons – set about creating a concentrated gin product like no other. After struggling to find a tasty, low-alcohol gin, he decided to take matters – and the careful and considered blending of botanicals like fragrant juniper – into his own hands.

Soon, (with the help of his wife, Vanessa) Inginious Gin was born.

Aiming to create a delicious alternative to the lower alcohol drinks already available, Inginious Gin wants to ensure that foregoing more traditional gins is a surprisingly simple choice.

In order to understand how gin and alcohol in general are made, Simon undertook a post graduate degree in Brewing and Distilling at the world-renowned Heriot Watt University. They have produced many luminaries in the industry, not least the guys behind BrewDog, who have literally taken the brewing world by storm. The degree covers many aspects of the brewing and distilling landscape and a two-week summer internship was where the idea for Inginious Gin was seeded.

A course led by Assistant Professor Matthew Pauley, where they had the chance to blend our own gin, taught Simon a great deal about the need for a proper “Gin” and to avoid the no alcohol substitutes – or cordials for want of a better name.

All about Digby

The final member of the team is Digby the dog, an 8-month-old Bearded Collie puppy. As you can see, he is super cute but he knows it and gets away with murder as a result. For a Scottish sheepdog he is surprisingly adverse to rain but he does like sleeping outside but not in his very own kennel that was painstakingly constructed by Vanessa! He likes eating berries but we have yet to try him out on juniper or any of our other botanicals as they are a bit too rich for a little pups stomach. He is extremely loveable and excited to be a part of team Inginious and is a welcome distraction – sometimes – when needs be!

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